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SOPUDEP School Toilet

29 Apr

Institution Mixte de SOPUDEP (Organisation de la Providence Unie pour le Development Socio Economique), 77 Angle Rue Jean Augustin et Emeric, Morne Lazarre, Petion-ville, Port=au-Prince, Haiti

From Kindergarten to K-12, Grade 12, about 450 students

GiveLove team three members Mike Cloutier, Kate Rustemeyer (both from Canada) and Jean Lucho, Haitian, and myself (Harry Ha) visited the school on 9th Feb. 2011. GiveLove supported the project with $2,200.00 fund.

Rea Dol, founder of the school, were discussing where to locate the toilet structure.

Sully Rodrigue, the school superintendent, is looking at toilet drawing. He was in charge of the construction management.

After much search the site is located and work started, laying out walls – Feb. 14, 2011


Perimeter concrete block walls up and cement plaster applied – Feb 20, 2011

Our team is installing the roof tin corrugated sheet metals.

I was helping carpenter BC to cut plywood panel for doors. Feb 20, 2011

Two compartments of composting is built next to the toilet structure, where the waste mixed with saw dust and bagasse will be deposited in the composting bins.

Saw dust and bagasse storage bins were built near the toilet structure. A truck load of these cover materials is to be ordered once every two to three month at cost of $50US for each transportation.

Double layers of local bamboo form toilet partition. There is a deposit bucket under the toilet seat.

These are rain water tank and hand sink.

Water bottle sky light on the tin roof illuminating dark toilet compartment.

On July 3, 2011 on my second visit, with graduating kindergarten students in front of the new toilet, in the back left to right – Jean Luch, Constantine Alazas, a kindergarten teach, Harry Ha, Sully Rodrigue and Rea Dol. See the signs: PWH and GiveLove on the wall.

Total construction cost come to $3,200.00US with maintenance support of $140.00 each month by PWH.


Haiti Compost Toilets in Artibonite Valley Communities

6 Sep
haiti river

Haiti river

Ferrying to the east side of Artibonite River to get to the town of Deslandes. Lucho, Antji, Harry and Katherine to the next round of the same boat. Donkeys were making a good cooling-off exercise.

Tina of Centre D’Inspiration Jeunesse(headquartered in Toronto) and one other Canadian built the toilet house, pending completion. Wood framed walls are filled with bamboo leaves and mud. Tina must have been thinking that the walls could be built with compressed earth blocks. Nevertheless, she seemed to have enjoyed working with adoring children with eager hands.

About 300 students in the CIJ Deslandes School definitely deserve a decent sanitary toilet faculty.

Jean Lucho conducting compost seminar for the town people in a CIJ Deslandes school class room.

Deslandes’ young community leaders

Deslandes’ young community leaders received a rare composting seminar and exchanged animated questions and answers.

Time to eat!

After the compost seminar, souls are treated with a tasty meal.

Earth blocks

On the second trip to the school, Harry laid compressed earth blocks on the floor for toilet partitions. There are 8 toilet spaces. Plastering walls, doors, hand washing stations, compost bins and cover material storage bins including 8 toilet seats and buckets should be put in place to complete the facility.

Ospri took us to Verrettes for a meeting with the town mayor Mr Menard Wisman at the mayor’s residence. Lucho, Harry and Osprival Descomme (CIJ) in view.

Mayor Mr. Menard Wisman

Harry presented his home water purification system to the mayor. He holds a copy of compost toilets drawings that Harry had prepared for him.

The bustling market

The bustling market in the town of Verrettes. With NO public toilets. Verrettes is not far from the epicentre of the cholera outbreak.

Verrettes Mayor Mr. Menard Wisman has already picked up a possible site for the market compost toilets. It could be ten toilets with 5 toilets each for men and women, back to back with secured lane in between from where 15 gallons of collection drums will be retrieved and hauled away to a remote composting site. Verrettes toilet may be one the three. Other two would be in Point Sonde 21 km north of Verrettes and in Desarmes 11 km south of Verrettes in the Artibonite valley region. Harry need your prayers.

Hello world!

1 Sep

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