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SOPUDEP School Toilet

29 Apr

Institution Mixte de SOPUDEP (Organisation de la Providence Unie pour le Development Socio Economique), 77 Angle Rue Jean Augustin et Emeric, Morne Lazarre, Petion-ville, Port=au-Prince, Haiti

From Kindergarten to K-12, Grade 12, about 450 students

GiveLove team three members Mike Cloutier, Kate Rustemeyer (both from Canada) and Jean Lucho, Haitian, and myself (Harry Ha) visited the school on 9th Feb. 2011. GiveLove supported the project with $2,200.00 fund.

Rea Dol, founder of the school, were discussing where to locate the toilet structure.

Sully Rodrigue, the school superintendent, is looking at toilet drawing. He was in charge of the construction management.

After much search the site is located and work started, laying out walls – Feb. 14, 2011


Perimeter concrete block walls up and cement plaster applied – Feb 20, 2011

Our team is installing the roof tin corrugated sheet metals.

I was helping carpenter BC to cut plywood panel for doors. Feb 20, 2011

Two compartments of composting is built next to the toilet structure, where the waste mixed with saw dust and bagasse will be deposited in the composting bins.

Saw dust and bagasse storage bins were built near the toilet structure. A truck load of these cover materials is to be ordered once every two to three month at cost of $50US for each transportation.

Double layers of local bamboo form toilet partition. There is a deposit bucket under the toilet seat.

These are rain water tank and hand sink.

Water bottle sky light on the tin roof illuminating dark toilet compartment.

On July 3, 2011 on my second visit, with graduating kindergarten students in front of the new toilet, in the back left to right – Jean Luch, Constantine Alazas, a kindergarten teach, Harry Ha, Sully Rodrigue and Rea Dol. See the signs: PWH and GiveLove on the wall.

Total construction cost come to $3,200.00US with maintenance support of $140.00 each month by PWH.